Inspiration Finding You

This post is the second in a series. The first is in the Sketchbook and titled Finding Inspiration.

Why do mountains and waves fill me with awe?

Inspiration shifts and moves. It’s not always the same things that evoke some sort of gut level response in me. And while taking note of what I find inspiring is key, the note is not the entire artistic process.

If being aware of what inspires you is the first step toward creativity, then asking “why?” has to be step two. Why did this [fill in the blank] move me?

At first you find inspiration, but then inspiration has to find you.

This is all very ethereal, so real life, for a second. I have this shot of Icelandic mountains and a surf mag clipping. And out pops a coffee table… WTF happened?

I asked why.

What exactly about the natural curve of the wave juxtaposed by the human endeavor to mimic its design in board-form struck me? The imperfections? The endurance it takes to even try this kind of board-shaping-wave-riding-simple-silliness? Yeah, absolutely!

And what confluence does that have with cold mountains? It’s a totally different landscape. But these mountains have that jagged quality that somehow evades the mimicry of humanity. But, you know, I could try. Actually, I want to try.

And much like the organic nature of surfboard shaping, the thing I want to create from this type of inspiration needs to be shaped by sight and feel – no guides or straight lines. Like an adventure, but in creative form. I want to mirror the collision of wave and board and mountain and snow in wood and steel.

So there was an inspiration for a coffee table…

But that inspiration found out a lot about me…

Thomas Karst