Craft and Journey - Thomas Karst

If there’s one thing I’ve known since forever, it’s that making, crafting, editing things is embedded in my soul somehow. It’s a broad sort of interest that results in a specific feeling I can’t quite put my finger on. 

And after thirty some odd years of making things I think it’s time to begin developing some sort of platform to share those creations. As we begin Aether Designs, my hope is that some bit of every type of craft I’ve pursued or wondered at will eek its way into this new outlet. From writing fiction and studying cultural systems to fly-fishing and rock climbing, I hope that all of my experiences in the world will collide with the materials at hand.

And learning new crafts, god, that’ll be an adventure. I’m expecting to hone the skills I already have, but the real exciting part of any discipline is the new things I’ll learn to make. What I hope to see as this company grows, is development in my personal creative process.

Now, that may sound like a bunch of my personal hopes and dreams, but here’s the thing. I want to see more than personal growth. I want each of you to come along for the journey. Drop me a line. I’d love to hear about your creative process and what you are doing in the world too!

Thomas Karst